Module FoxTails::FTStateTargeted
In: lib/foxtails/FTTargeted.rb
Module: FoxTails

FTStateTargeted replaces the standard tgt,sel mechanism with symbolic variable access. Argument lists are the same as in Fox, but with the tgt, sel arguments replaced with a target object (or proc/method returning an object), a state variable in the target, and possibly additional args.

Class which include this module must define an instance method target_arg_range which returns the range of positions in the argument list which take the place of tgt,sel.

get_target_state    init_target    new    set_target_state    when_target_state   
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Public Class methods
Public Instance methods
init_target(target = nil, state = :none)

state must be name of observable variable in target

when_target_state(pattern, &block)