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FoxTails is a set of extensions for FXRuby. (FXRuby is the Ruby bindings for the Fox C++ GUI library. See

This is an alpha release, so documentation is still very sketchy, and there are no tests. There are examples, though. See also the comments in foxtails.rb for a basic roadmap of the library.

FoxTails depends on observable:

and of course fox/fxruby:

The install process is the standard one:

  ruby install.rb config
  ruby install.rb setup
  ruby install.rb install

Observable attributes

The most useful part of FoxTails is the use of observable attributes to connect GUI components. It's very easy to use. See the examples.

Some features:

Other features

FoxTails also includes some "megawidgets", such as a dir broswer with bookmarks. See examples/file-browser.rb and examples/simple.rb, which also shows how easy it is to link multiple widgets to a ruby object attribute. See foxtails.rb for brief descriptions.


foxtails 0.1

The current version of this software can be found at


This software is distributed under the Ruby license. See


Joel VanderWerf,