Last Update: Sun Feb 13 10:53:15 PST 2005

observable 0.4

  • Marshal and YAML compatibility: Objects with registered observers can be dumped, but the dumped versions lose their observers, of course.
  • API change: Renamed stop_observing to remove_observer.
  • API change: signals are now fired by methods of the form name rather than name=. There is no longer a reader method associated with the signal (the method that used to be called name). Signals are intentionally valueless except at the instant of firing, and at that time the value is available as the argument to when_ clauses.
  • Added tests.
  • Docs converted to Rdoc.

observable 0.3

  • Now supports distributed observers with DRb. See the chat-server.rb and chat-client.rb examples in the FoxTails package.
  • handle_observer_exception: a mechanism for handling exceptions in observer call-backs.
  • Having an observable attrs also gives you "stop_observing_#{var}".
  • Signal handlers now complain about reentrant calls.
  • Added tests.

observable 0.2

  • Added signals. See the docs and examples.

observable 0.1

  • First public release.